Final Event


Katie Childs talked about how the Jane Austen Museum pivoted to digital after the pandemic began.

Haydn Corrodus pulled on his wealth of experience to show how even the smallest organisations with limited resources can do digital experiments.

There was a final celebratory event held at the end of April, for participants, mentors and partners to gather (virtually, as lockdown continued) and celebrate the successes and skills realised, as well as an opportunity to look forward to the next iteration of the DART program, starting in July 2021. As part of this event, we had participants do one-on-one interviews to gain feedback on what worked and what didn’t and how this program can be improved for DART 2. It was also a chance for them, through the interview questions, to reflect on what they had accomplished, and this interview data now sits on the DART website. 

The final event allowed for us to have two new speakers attend who discussed small digital projects that other organisations had undertaken during COVID conditions, with limited staff and resources. It was an opportunity for the participants to understand what other things might be possible for them to try, and help them to think outside the box for future developments at their institutions.

We also walked participants through the original discussion from Workshop 1 in terms of the type of skills this program would allow participants to learn, and whether they had, indeed, learned such skills. We had an overwhelmingly positive response.