Increasing Website SEO

Burlington Public Library

Cycle #1

Oz Kamacio and Allison Jack

1.What did you want to find out at the start of your project?

How we could use web-based tools to evaluate, and improve our SEO, and increase our website visits.

2. What did you actually do?

We implemented a web-based tool and began making incremental improvements to our website. We added accessibility as a key item to focus on first.

3. What was the most difficult thing you found?

Evaluating the potential tools – it was difficult to find objective information, and it was hard to know what we didn’t know.

4. What surprised you?

How making even small changes could improve our engagement and we could track that.

5. What is next for you and/or your org?

Continue implementing improvements and evaluating our website. We are also investigating opportunities to utilize a consultant to help us with our social media SEO.

6. What 3 quick takeaways would you give to help future participants/your current fellow participants?

  • It’s ok to just jump in and try something, even if you’re not sure.
  • The internet is malleable – you can always change it back, or try something else!
  • It’s ok if your goals change along the way.