3D Imaging

Dundas Museums & Archives

Cycle #1

Severine Craig and Austin Strutt

  1. What did you want to find out at the start of your project?
    We wanted to see if 3D imaging was easy to do since technology in this area has advanced dramatically in the past few years.
  2. What did you actually do?
    We created some 3D models of artifacts in out collection. In the end our best results were with clothing.
  3. What was the most difficult thing you found?
    Figuring out the best photography/camera settings and the time it took to process one item was the most difficult thing.
  4. What surprised you?
    We were surprised with how inconsistent the results would be from one type of artifact to the next.
  5. What is next for you and/or your org? 
    We now know a process that works for 3D photography but we won’t be attempting it again unless for a very specific project or if we had a dedicated volunteer/student to work on it.
  6. What 3 quick takeaways would you give to help future participants/your current fellow participants? 
    In the future we would try to get a bigger team working on your project; we had 2-3 people and it was a lot of work. It’s best to start with a small idea and expand it once you’ve perfected it. Be sure to make good documentation of the processes so the next person doesn’t need to start from scratch.