Digital Action Research & Training

for cultural organizations

Note: DART is now underway, and applications are closed, but we are accepting expressions of interest for future rounds of the programme.

DART is an opportunity for participants from a wide range of cultural institutions, including galleries, museums and libraries, to develop their digital skills through project iteration, with ongoing expert mentorship and help throughout a six month programme.

DART is offering the opportunity for two staff members from your institution (working together throughout the programme) to increase their digital skills in a supportive, mentored environment, where experimentation is encouraged, by creating a real project that will be used to increase audience engagement at your cultural organization.

The DART programme seeks to do three things:

  • Nurture the confidence of participating individuals by building the digital literacies they need in their work environments
  • Build organizational capacity by supporting participating organizations to identify, design and embed relevant changes
  • Foster collaborative working and best practice across relevant peer networks

If you would be interested in participating in this program in the future, please contact Amy Hetherington.

Who is behind DART?

DART will be delivered by the Art Gallery of Burlington and Dundas Museum & Archives in partnership with Surface Impression (experts in digital strategy and production) and Culture24 (an international charity that supports museums, galleries and other cultural organisations). It is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategy Fund.

What’s the programme?

This opportunity consists of three workshops, interspersed with mentoring sessions (which for the moment will take place online via video conferencing), email and an online community hub. The first full-day workshop will take place on ​July 30, 2020​. The following workshops will take place in September and October, with a culminating event currently scheduled for December 2020 (see attached programme).

We hope there will be the opportunity for all participants to meet in person at this final event to present their projects and share what they have learned. In the periods in between each workshop (5-6 weeks), participants will develop their digital project, fully supported by our team of mentors drawn from the cultural sector and creative industries professionals.

You will receive professional consultation to assist with developing your digital project, which will be tailored to your needs. As well as the 4 workshop days, we ask that each participant commit 10-12 hours of their time a month to developing their project and undertaking regular consultations.

You can see the programme’s schedule here…

How much does it cost?

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we are changing participation to a “pay what you can” model, rather than fixed fee. Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, we have covered the core costs of the DART programme, however your contribution will assist us in developing a more rounded programme that benefits all participants and will allow us to further develop this format for future sessions.

Why do you want two people from each organization?

Having two people from each institution means that team working can be established more easily, encouraging the embedding of sustainable digital production methods within your organization. It also makes it easier to ensure at least one person from each participating organization can be available for workshops or support sessions.

If you’d like to take part, but cannot do so as part of a pair, please contact us (or make an application and let us know that this is the case).

How can I find out more?

Please contact Amy to express your interest or for more information.

Dr Amy Hetherington